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Retreats & Programs

Choose from our Retreats and Programs, from raw food detox and wellness yoga, to holistic self-care and Palawan nature retreats.

Deep Nature Cleanse


The Deep Nature Cleanse is perfect for people who experience chronic stress or pains, digestive problems, physical ailments, or energetic blockages. The cleanse detoxes the gut and colon, and revitalizes the body on a cellular level.

In this program you’ll enjoy preparing gourmet raw food meals and savor various new tastes that deeply nourishes your palate and your body. You’ll also experience a therapeutic massage and deep nature body scrub using essential oils and cold-pressed coconut oil.

The colon cleanse will reset your digestive system, so that your body can absorb the most nutrients from your food. And while this program includes one colon cleanse, our guests usually add another one at the end of their program to prepare them back at home.

Dynamic movements such as yoga and inner dance will further massage and detox your internal organs, and will allow you to sweat and eliminate old toxic wastes and emotional baggage. One day is reserved weekly for a coconut fast and total silence, a time where you can go within and spend time with nature.

The detox incorporates other habits that you can continue at the comfort of your own home, after the program. Some of these include a morning tonic drink and flush, dry skin brushing, oil pulling therapy, and lymphatic system exercises.

At the end of the program, you’ll feel completely brand new, with a body that resonates with joy and bliss, a clear mind, and a rejuvenated spirit.


  • private accommodation
  • 3 raw food meals daily
  • daily morning detox drink
  • green smoothie (am) and raw food snacks (pm)
  • yoga classes
  • breathwork / meditation
  • raw food demo / preparation
  • inner dance healing / emotional cleanse
  • detox spa services
  • gentle colonics
  • detox care kit
  • detox herbal supplements
  • detox bag (choice of print)
  • 2 separate nature trips
  • Young Living Essential Oils or Flowers and Herbs
  • gallbladder and liver flush (for 21 days DNC plus only)
  • veggie juicing

Palawan Nature Retreat


Found an hour drive from Puerto Princesa, this Nature Retreat in Kiao Beach features an eight-hectare ancestral property that includes rivers, jungles, an organic farm, and a beach resort with warm, sparkling blue waters. And if the waves are high, you can surf here too!

The retreat consists of a daily detox protocol, vegan or vegetarian tribal cuisine, a dynamic movement practice such as yoga or dance, and two to three activities per day. Some of the activities include jungle trek to a cool and clear river, foraging for wild fruits and herbs, basket weaving, art therapy session, coconut feast, tribal dance, and organic farm tour.

The high energy of the location will definitely allow you to detox, relax, and enjoy your time in Palawan! Kiao Beach is one of Puerto Princesa’s emerging nature and cultural destinations that support the local community, while sharing its well-kept and untouched travel spots.


  • shared accommodation
  • 3 raw vegan meals
  • Daily Detox drink
  • Green smoothie (am) and raw food snack (pm)
  • daily yoga classes
  • breathwork / meditation
  • inner dance healing
  • raw food preparation
  • organic personal care kit
  • daily activities such as art, crafts, and nature

Wellness Yoga Program


This program is centered on yoga as a daily practice. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate yoga practitioner, this program is energizing and revitalizing, as you incorporate a raw food lifestyle and pranic breathing while facing the beautiful sunrise!
You’ll have yoga in the morning, and breathwork and inner dance in the afternoon. You’ll enjoy three raw food meals and two raw snacks, plus a detox drink first thing every morning. You can also join the raw food preparation if you’d like to learn and take home this new skill!

Other than these, you’ll have your own organic personal care kit. You’re free to spend the rest of your time enjoying our facilities and amenities. You’ll share a room with other guests of your gender, unless you’re with a partner or prefer to have your own. Let us know!

One day is reserved for a nature retreat at Kiao Beach and Jungle, where you’ll enjoy a jungle trek and pick wild fruits and herbs along the way, going to a cool and clear blue river! Lunch will be prepared from the organic farm, and you’ll have the option to try surfing if the waves are good!


  • Shared accommodation
  • 3 raw vegan meals
  • Daily Detox drink
  • Green smoothie (am) and raw food snack (pm)
  • Daily yoga classes
  • breathwork / meditation
  • inner dance healing
  • raw food preparation
  • organic personal care kit

Holistic Self-Care Retreat


This one-day cleanse focuses on self-care and self-pampering, by learning new, healthy lifestyle habits, and proper rest and rejuvenation. The retreat includes three living food meals – a breakfast of fruits and raw pancakes, an a la carte lunch, and a slow food and salad bar for dinner.

We’ll have an introduction to natural living practices followed by a relaxing spa massage in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll have a fun arts and crafts activity, healthy snacks, followed by a scenic sunset yoga at the rooftop.

You can incorporate this kind of self-care at the comfort of your home once a week to center and ground into yourself. By allowing ourselves “me time”, we nourish and align into the deeper aspects of ourselves and our purpose.


  • Intro to naturalist practices
  • 3 raw vegan meals
  • 1 healthy snack
  • Spa massage services
  • Arts and crafts activity
  • Sunset yoga


  • Whole body scrub
  • Whole body scrub with mask and nail-care
  • Gentle colonics to clear old waste

Home Detox Kit

Our Detox and Nourishment Programs are based on raw vegan food or nutrient-dense liquids, to reset the digestive system, lose weight, achieve mental clarity, and add glow to your health and vitality. 

If we have car oil change yearly, wheel alignment, and regular car wash, the same is true to our body! Our body in order to function at its most efficient and effective state would first need to detox from dense and packaged foods, and allow more high vibrational food.

These programs are especially great for people who are transitioning into a new diet such as veganism (plant-based) or pescetarianism (plants and fish); those who want to lose weight immediately for a wedding or a beach holiday, or; simply those to want to reboot their energy and skyrocket their mental clarity.

We can also customize your meals depending on your health conditions. We can speak and work closely with your doctors if there is support needed in terms of food choices, recommendations, and daily food supplements. Please let us be aware of all your conditions, especially allergies to certain food or ingredients.

Three options to our detox programs:

Raw Food Detox

1,000 PHP/day
(3 meals)

Smoothie Cleanse

500 PHP/day
(3 smoothies)

Juice Feast

1,200 PHP/day
(5 juices)

You can do a 1-day trial, 3-day experience, 5-day cleanse, or a 1-week to a 1-month weight-loss program. Each option can be done anytime in one month period for a total weight loss or reboot program. You may start and end with our Transition or Maintenance Diet, do a gentle cleanse through the Raw Food Diet, and a more intensive detox with Green Smoothies and Juices. The title of each program says it all!

 Delivery would be 2-3 times per day within Puerto Princesa City proper.

Additional delivery charges apply for other places within Puerto Princesa. 

*Please order 3 days in advance before beginning the juice cleanse so as to give time for us to orient you and prepare your package.

Resident Volunteer Program

We welcome those who are big-hearted and would like to share their gifts and talents with Bahay Kalipay. This resident program allows guests to live and co-create events and experiences in our loving place, after going through a five-day raw food detox.

Some of our community work include, but are not limited to, tending the garden, watering the plants, light construction, repairs, and beautification of our space. And if there are activities you’d like to teach or be involved in, we are open to considering your valuable contribution.

If you can work between 3 to 4 hours a day for at least one month, your room and board charges will be discounted. An important component of this program is to ensure that you can fully integrate into Bahay Kalipay’s way of life and be a contributing member to our Mission. This is why we require that you complete a 5-Day Deep Nature Cleanse Program to prepare mind, body, and spirit, before embarking on your volunteer residency.

Please send your inquiry through to bahaykalipayretreats@gmail.com. We will send you a detailed application form and together co-create your resident program.

Thank you for the generosity of your spirit.
Please note that we will prefer a minimum of a 3-month commitment for this work-exchange program.

Yoga Teacher Program

Since 2007, Bahay Kalipay has been a refuge for people all over the world, seeking an integral approach to wellness and well-being, through yoga, raw food, and retreat programs supporting inner journeys.

This program is specifically designed for yoga teachers (minimum 200HRS and one year practice) looking for a chance to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, while doing what you do best: sharing your knowledge of yoga to students eager to develop or deepen their practice.

We would like to share with you our yoga retreat space and the opportunity to enhance your class offerings with our auxiliary services offered by our other teachers, volunteers, and residents, such as raw food demos and meals, guided meditation, energy work, and dynamic movements.

We are currently offering to co-facilitate our Retreats and Programs throughout the year. If you are interested, please send us an email to bahaykalipayretreats@gmail.com with the following information and we will send you the program details:

– Preferred month/year of stay
– Full name
– Number of months/years as a yoga teacher
– Kind of yoga to be taught
– Where and When certified
– We look forward to the collaboration.
*For visiting foreign yoga teachers interested in offering retreats/workshops at Bahay Kalipay, please email us so we can discuss.

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Founded in 2007 in the island paradise of Palawan, Bahay Kalipay is the oldest raw food detox, inner dance therapy, and yoga retreat in Asia.

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